Is Politics The New Religion?

In the current United States, one frequently hears people saying that politics is getting out of control. As when our system of government is getting completely out of hand, leading to social chaos and economic collapse. Not, as long ago, such a view would ease American citizens only with a similar comparison: whereas at the Middle East, politics is conflict primarily by proxy and sometimes is almost literally proxy war; in America it’s much less about who governs what and more about which political party controls the House and Senate. During the Arab Spring, nevertheless, different countries across the Middle East rose up in protest against corruption and nepotism, with some even burning down the offices of perceived corrupt leaders. Across the region, people took to the streets in massive amounts, peacefully demanding change, and finally demanding better lives and freedoms.

Just how did all this happen? Well, part of it had to perform the internal culture of Islam which has for decades been advocating for greater political participation and liberty, but also goes back to its origins as a political faith. Islam believes that the country should be Islamic, it should have absolute power instead of simply partial control, and that the political systems of its constituent countries are flawed and need to be replaced. Since these beliefs are deeply rooted in its own history, and because most modern-day Arabs and Muslims do actually share these views, it was merely a matter of time before these sentiments would seep to political rhetoric. Unfortunately, these protests and political upheavals that are happening throughout the Middle East are being directed by people who have religious beliefs based within their heritage and religion who have adopted an extremely violent approach to political activism.

The results of this Arab Spring and also the corresponding political upheavals throughout the Middle East was quite catastrophic: Most countries have seen sudden and violent turnsts in their political religions, and a lot more have observed bloody strikes and murders carried out by radicalized citizens or even by terrorist groups. Sometimes, these terrorist groups have acted as collateral for corrupt or unpopular leaders by torturing and killing them. Even though the precise motives for these functions remain uncertain, the results have been disastrous for the political moves which were meant to result in democracy and rule of law.

1 reason why this has occurred is that a great number of younger individuals have been drawn to the origin of politics as a religion, one reason in particular being Islam. Since the advent of Islam, there were nearly exponential growth in the number of followers of Islam all around the world. Islam in fact predates even Christianity and Hinduism, also it’s among the fastest growing religions of the planet. Because of the rapid expansion in global Muslim people, certain facets of the political movements which are occurring today in the Middle East and elsewhere across the world have been galvanized by the joint efforts of faith and politics. Therefore, there have been widespread disagreements and conflicts concerning the role religion has to play in political processes, with both believers and non-believers coming to different decisions regarding what to do.

Some political views argue that religion must be coped with whether politics will ever have the ability to thrive. According to these thinkers, politics could only flourish when religion is left alone so that religion’s teaching on justice and equity can be preserved. It must not be seen as interfering with politics, but instead used to encourage the political perspectives of the politicians . But some political leaders also claim that the growth of terrorism and other related political crimes is a direct result of the absence of religion in the lives of many people today. They argue that lots of individuals have grown lazy and apathetic as a result of influence of Western culture and education system which have failed to instill religion and family values in their spirits. Thus, many have turned to violence as a means to get their own manner and serve as enablers of evil in politics.

There are many problems which may be solved through the application of the Tenets of American civic religion. Indeed, the USA is a great example of how politics can work nicely for the advantage of all parts of society. However, problems arise if certain groups of citizens decide to put their particular spiritual beliefs before the common good. Thus, this matter is very problematic and requires urgent care. Should you think that you have been negatively influenced by politics or if you witness political prejudice in your daily life, you should consider writing an op-ed article about it using a topic from a recent book you’ve read. You may cite resources and utilize the mentioned passages as your main source.